Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention in the Home focuses on four specific factors that can reduce the risk of falls at home among the aging population.

  • Every Year thousands of older patients are seriously injured, disabled, or die from a fall at home.
  • Each year, an average of more than 7,000 adults age 65 and older die from unintentional home injuries. Falls is in the top 5 reasons for these deaths.
  • Falls alone account for 52.5% of all home injury deaths for adults age 65-74, 68.2% of home injury deaths for adults age 75-84, and 78.4% of home injury deaths for adults age 85 and older.

The Four Risk Factors
  • Physical Activity - Improve balance, strength, flexibility and endurance through physical activity.
  • Medication Management - Increase your knowledge of the medications you take and the interactions between them.
  • Home Safety - Making your home a fall free environment with the aid of our safety checklist.
  • Family Awareness - Fall prevention education for the family of individuals at risk.

Program Benefits
  • Regular physical activity leads to less health problems.
  • Reduce risk of hospitalization.
  • Better medication management.
  • Safety checklist to prevent falls at home.
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